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Zinc Naphthenate

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CAS#: 12001-85-3
As a auxiliary dryer in coatings, it is usually used with cobalt dryer and manganese dryer to improve the drying effects. It can maintain paint films open for a longer time and get paint films with superior hardness.
It is a fine humectant for coatings, and it can be used as a deflocculant to prevent pigment sedimentation and agglomeration.
It is used as a delustrant in flat paints, an anti-fouling agent in ship bottoms paints, and a grinding dispersant for coatings. 
It is used as a gelatinizer for inks to improve the consistency. 
It is used in the production of mould inhibitors and preservatives, such as preservatives for timbers, waterproofing agents for textiles, oil additives, insecticides, bactericides, etc..


Zinc Naphthenate    2(C11H7O2)Zn

Item No.AppearanceMetal Content (%)Fineness (µm)SolubilityStability of SolutionFlashing Point (Closed)°C
N-Zn brown yellow uniform transparent liquid 2.0/3.0±0.1, 4.0/8.0 ±0.2 ≤15 all transparent and no extract ≥30

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