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Zinc Metal    Zn

CAS#: 7440-66-6
m.p. 419.6 °C
b.p. 907 °C
Density 7.133 gm/cm3
Bluish-white, lustrous, brittle at room temperature and melleable above 100 °C.


About one-half of the zinc that is produced is used in zinc galvanizing, which is the process of adding thin layers of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting. The next leading use of zinc is as an alloy; the zinc is combined with copper (to form brass) and with other metals to form materials that are used in automobiles, electrical components, and household fixtures. A third significant use of zinc is in the production of zinc oxide (the most important zinc chemical by production volume), which is used in rubber manufacturing and as a protective skin ointment.


Item No.DescriptionPurityLot Size
ME30-5N Zinc Metal Ingot 99.999% 50 kg
100 kg
500 kg
ME30-6N Zinc Metal Ingot 99.9999% 20 kg
50 kg
200 kg
ME30-7N Zinc Metal Ingot 99.99999% 10 kg
50 kg
100 kg

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