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YSZ (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia) has the properties of high density, toughness and super hardness for YSZ, which make it a good grinding media, enabling to achieve superior grinding efficiencies compared with other conventional grinding media such as Alumina and Agate. For more demanding operating conditions, the use of YSZ, spray dried or not, is recommended. Our range includes 3% molar (YZ01 and YZ01A), 5% molar (Y5Z01) and 8% molar yttria (Y8Z01) powder. The highest oxygen ion conductivity occurs with approximately 10 mol.% Y2O3 addition. The high wear-resistant YSZ grinding media effectively eliminate product contamination and lengthen service life of the grinder.


Applications for YSZ Ceramic Cylinders

1. High strength and high toughness products
Dielectric materials;
Piezo electric materials;
Mangnetic materials
2. Wear and corrosion resistance products
Pigment dispersions;
Ink and dyestufts
3. Prevention of product contamination
4. Ceramics:
Electronics ceramics;
Refractory ceramics;
Engineer ceramics;
Nanometer Materials


Specifications of YSZ Ceramic Cylinders

Item No. Description Lot Size
YSZ-C5.5X5.5 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 5.5 x 5.5 mm 20 kg 
100 kg
YSZ-C7X7 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 7 x 7 mm 20 kg 
100 kg
YSZ-C7.5X7.5 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 7.5 x 7.5 mm 20 kg 
100 kg
YSZ-C10X10 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 10 x 10 mm 20 kg 
100 kg
YSZ-C12.7X12.7 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 12.7 x 12.7 mm 20 kg 
100 kg
YSZ-C15X15 YSZ Ceramic Cylinders, Dia. 15 x 15 mm 20 kg 
100 kg

Other sizes may also be available based upon customers' request.

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