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Cerium (IV) Oxide    CeO2

CAS#: 1306-38-3
Not Hazardous
White Powder
F.W. 172.12
m.p. 795 °C
Spec. Gravity 7.3 gm/cm3
Insoluble in H2O, Soluble in H2SO4 and HNO3


Cerium(IV) oxide is used in ceramics, to sensitize photosensitive glass, as a catalyst and as a catalyst support, to polish glass and stones, in lapidary as an alternative to "jeweller's rouge". It is also known as "optician's rouge".
It is also used in the walls of self-cleaning ovens as a hydrocarbon oxidation catalyst during the high-temperature cleaning process.
Cerium oxide has found use in infrared filters, as an oxidizing species in catalytic converters and as a replacement for thorium dioxide in incandescent mantles.


Item No.DescriptionPurityLot Size
OX58-2N Cerium Oxide
D50 = ~ 4.77 µm
99 % 100 kg
1,000 kg
OX58-3N Cerium Oxide
D50 = ~ 4.77 µm
99.9% 100 kg
1,000 kg
OX58-4N Cerium Oxide
D50 = ~ 4.77 micron
99.99% 100 kg
1,000 kg
OX58VD-4N Cerium Oxide
for vacuum deposition.
3-12mm or custom size
100 g
500 g
5 kg

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