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Calcium Naphthenate

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Calcium Naphthenate    2(C11H7O2)Ca

CAS#: 61789-36-4
As an auxiliary dryer in coatings, it can improve drying effect by using together with cobalt soap. It is also used as a lead stablizer and performs a special auxiliary function when using together with cobalt soap and lead soap.
It is used in varnish to improve luster, as well as in alkyd paint to improve storage stability. It can replace lead dryer where lead dryer is not allowed to use.
It is used in the production of waterproofing agents for textiles, adhesives and color lakes, etc..
It is used as an oil additive. For example, high-alkali value calcium naphthenate can be used to produce the detergent dispersants of internal combustion engine lubricants.


Item No.AppearanceMetal Content (%)Fineness (µm)SolubilityStability of SolutionFlashing Point (Closed)°C
N-Ca dark yellow transparent uniform liquid 2.0±0.1, 4.0/6.0±0.2 ≤15 all transparent and no extract ≥30

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